FirstCall Telehealth Services

FirstCall Telehealth offers access to doctors and veterinary services through virtual platforms. Patients can connect with a telehealth doctor or a virtual veterinarian 24/7/365. Schedule a telehealth appointment for yourself, a loved one, or your furry friend. Consultations are available through phone call, email, or video call. A telehealth appointment is an additional, non-emergency service to discuss symptoms, possible treatments, and prescriptions. Schedule a telehealth appointment with a telehealth doctor or virtual veterinarian today for convenient, affordable healthcare for you and your pets!

Find a Telehealth Doctor

Find the right telehealth doctor for you to discuss your symptoms. Call, message, or video chat with a doctor to examine your condition and symptoms from the convenience of your own home. Save on your healthcare through a telehealth appointment with immediate support and quick access to prescriptions.

Find a Virtual Veterinarian

Find a virtual veterinarian to help diagnose your furry companion to get them feeling well again! If you have questions about your pet’s behavior, training, or health, contact a virtual veterinarian through our telemedicine platform to find the care you need. Save a trip to the vet and keep your pet home while you find the care they need!

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FirstCall Telemedicine $29.99/ month per family

FirstCall Televet $17.99 / month fur family

Bundle & Save! $40/month